Add SEO Warp to your Developer's Toolbox

About SEO Warp

What is SEO Warp?

SEO Warp is a free tool that can be used to identify common problems on a website. From anchor text length to original content, this utility thoroughly scans individual pages and resources and returns a detailed report right to you.

What makes SEO Warp different from other crawlers on the Internet is that this tool doesn't scrape any of its data from third party sites. The reports are generated entirely from how your site independently presents itself on the web. This allows for a more focused and objective analysis of your pages' contents.

Who Maintains SEO Warp?

SEO Warp was created by Nick Andren, a computer enthusiast from Minnesota's Twin Cities.

Don't Want Your Site Crawled?

Currently, SEO Warp obeys basic robots.txt directives. If you want to stop SEO Warp from crawling a section of your site, or even the entire page, you can simply include a custom directive in your site's robots.txt file to disallow it from wherever you like. SEO Warp's user-agent is currently Squarepusher, but it also will follow a wildcard user agent (User-agent: *).

SEO Warp does not yet follow robots meta tags, but this will change at some point in the future.

Comments? Suggestions? Bugs?

Please send us your feedback and we'll do what we can to help you out.