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SEO Warp Has Launched!

Written by Nick on May 29th, 2011

SEO Warp has arrived! Find out what sorts of features this free analytics tool has to offer.

SEO Warp is here! This site was created to give webmasters and search engine optimizers a new set of tools that are simple to use, yet return useful and detailed information beyond what other utilities can provide.

For now, the SEO Warp analyzation engine is the only gadget on this site (and will remain the focus of the site denoted by its omnipresent green input box). This will crawl a portion of your website from any starting point you choose as if it was a search engine. From there, it will test each page for a number of different factors and build a summary report for you.

Some of the tests conducted by SEO Warp include duplicate content checking on the same page and between pages, page caching, compression, keyword and keyphrase identification, correct HTML image dimension checking, and plenty more. SEO Warp will also determine which of your pages are the most interesting compared to one another based on several factors, including textual content and unique on-page objects, among other things.

New features and tools will be added to SEO Warp in the future, too, which will be posted about on this blog.

So what are you waiting for? Analyze your site!

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