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SEO Warp Updates: Faster Loading, Bookmarklets, and More

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Here are a few things that have been updated on SEO Warp’s crawler today:

  • Self repetition check is now more accurate and can find deeper repeating patterns in a page’s text
  • SVG errors that stretched or cropped the icons have been fixed and should work in all major browsers
  • Added the bookmarklet page where you can add SEO Warp bookmarklets to your toolbar and scan whatever site you’re currently looking at with one click
  • Load times are now perceived to be faster; when crawling a site, instead of staring at a blank screen, a progress box will pop up to let you know how far along it is in its crawl.
  • Interest check scores are now expressed in whole numbers exclusively to make the scoring table easier to read. However, this will still need to be tweaked soon because many of the results that would return decimals were often between zero and one, so they have no value, which simply isn’t helpful or accurate in the scope of the test.

Probably the biggest issue that needs to be tackled next is the way Opera renders SEO Warp’s reports. The sections get stacked on top of one another and everything is a hideous mess.

Otherwise, these fixes and updates should make the site a more pleasant experience for more visitors. Keep your eyes open for even more features that will be added pretty soon!

SEO Warp’s HTTP Viewer

Monday, June 6th, 2011

I just added the first utility to the Tools page: the HTTP Viewer. With this, you can easily send and view HTTP requests and responses between you and remote servers.

I wrote this tool because HTTP viewers can be really useful for developers who are building browsers or making robots on their own. When I was writing the web crawler for SEO Warp, there were plenty of times where I’d get unexpected results from a remote server after sending a request. Using HTTP viewing tools, I could send requests to the same server in a similar way as SEO Warp and would see where the results differed.

Not only that, but it’s fun to see some of the odd headers that other sites return. For example, if you point the Viewer to, you might see a message like the following in their HTTP response header:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n
Server: Apache/1.3.42 (Unix) mod_perl/1.31\r\n
SLASH_LOG_DATA: shtml\r\n
X-Powered-By: Slash 2.00500120110603\r\n
X-Bender: Woohoo, I'm popular!\r\n

HTTP Viewer will accept connections over both HTTP and HTTPS, both allowing HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 in case you want to test an older protocol.

The other available options include being able to set the verb (GET, HEAD, TRACE and POST), referer, encoding, and user agent.

There’s also the option to display the contents of a remote file in either text or hexadecimal format. In the text format, newlines and carriage returns are emphasized with bold “\n” and “\r”s respectively so that it’s clear where they are in the transfer. This is great for finding errors with these usually-invisible characters.

The hexadecimal formatting displays the contents of the file in the same way that a hex editor would: the far left is the current line number in hex format, the middle column is the contents in hex, and the right column shows the ASCII characters (though, only between a limited character range; many ASCII characters are meant to be communicative rather than displayed and extended characters are pretty useless in hex view, so they are not shown). This mode is great for reading remote files, particularly headers of different file formats to see if they’re set properly.

Go ahead and play around with it. If you find it useful, you can add it to your browser’s bookmarks. If you don’t, post a comment and let me know what you’d like to see it do differently. And if you’d like to see a specific tool written, especially if it can help other web developers, please leave a comment with your ideas below.

Quick Mode Added to SEO Warp

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Yesterday, I added a new feature on SEO Warp: Quick Mode.

Quick Mode is the same as Full Mode in virtually every way; it gathers information just like Full Mode. The only real difference between the two is that Quick Mode does not perform any of the duplicate content detection functions between documents or the interest checks.

Checking for duplicate content over several pages can add several minutes to the scan. This is because the process is very meticulous and checks every word between documents; every document multiplies the time needed to execute and each word stretches the execution time further.

The Interest Check was left out, too, because it partially depends on the Duplicate Content check in order to compile an accurate report. Most of the other tests conducted by the Interest Check don’t take any real noticeable time or processing power to complete otherwise.

So if you have several minutes to scan your pages, go ahead and use the Full Mode. But if you don’t care about seeing the duplicate or interesting content information, use the Quick Mode.

SEO Warp Has Launched!

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

SEO Warp is here! This site was created to give webmasters and search engine optimizers a new set of tools that are simple to use, yet return useful and detailed information beyond what other utilities can provide.

For now, the SEO Warp analyzation engine is the only gadget on this site (and will remain the focus of the site denoted by its omnipresent green input box). This will crawl a portion of your website from any starting point you choose as if it was a search engine. From there, it will test each page for a number of different factors and build a summary report for you.

Some of the tests conducted by SEO Warp include duplicate content checking on the same page and between pages, page caching, compression, keyword and keyphrase identification, correct HTML image dimension checking, and plenty more. SEO Warp will also determine which of your pages are the most interesting compared to one another based on several factors, including textual content and unique on-page objects, among other things.

New features and tools will be added to SEO Warp in the future, too, which will be posted about on this blog.

So what are you waiting for? Analyze your site!