Add SEO Warp to your Developer's Toolbox

What is SEO Warp?

SEO Warp is a free tool that tests websites for common issues and builds reports based on what it finds. This utility provides analyses on the following:

  • Duplicate content checking
  • Correct image dimensions
  • Documents sorted by interest
  • Targeted keywords/keyphrases
  • Code to content percentages
  • Much, much more!

Please allow a few moments for your results to be loaded. Depending on the amount of content that the website has, the statistics can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to perform. The Full Scan option aggressively checks for duplicate content between the pages it finds.

Latest Article

Will The Google +1 Button Survive?

Google’s +1 button is a shortsighted way to force the search engine giant to be more like Facebook. In this post, we will find out why the button won’t keep its users interested for very long.

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